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In 2000, David Bogovich, a seasoned professional in the environmental emergency response industry, started Northridge Group Inc. in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, to provide businesses, trucking companies, contractors, government agencies, insurance agencies, and home owners with comprehensive environmental response services.

Since Northridge Group Inc. was started, we have moved our corporate headquarters to Winfield, Pennsylvania, and are a certified Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) Hazardous Materials Response Team. We have approximately 4,000 accident cleanups, environmental remediation, geo-probing, and recovery projects that have been successfully completed by the company. Northridge Group provides thorough environmental cleanup services at competitive costs.

when minutes countThe team at Northridge Group realizes there is a narrow window of time to react to an environmental accident—and every minute counts to prevent the spread of environmental contamination! With a 24-hour triaging system in place, Northridge Group coordinates and dispatches a professionally-trained environmental emergency response team to the affected site immediately.

Our team of 30-plus environmental response specialists has access to a fleet of specially-equipped vehicles, equipment,and supplies to handle nearly every type of hazardous material spill. In addition, Northridge Group is prepared to handle all emergencies from the basic Level D to the most serious Level A incidents. If there is an unique situation that requires equipment we do not have readily available, we partner with a network of other companies, which can provide any resource that is needed to complete the job safely and efficiently—anywhere, anytime, and under nearly any condition.

risk management Our services go beyond the physical cleanup of a spill site. We are also risk management specialists who take all the necessary steps to ensure every aspect of the cleanup project is completed to reduce your liability. We take great pride in helping our business and residential customers recover from an untimely environmental accident with swift, but careful action to minimize risks. Northridge Group also completes and submits all of the necessary documentation such as Act-2 Relief of Liability Closure Reports to the appropriate agencies as an official record of the cleanup work.

We also offer our clients environmental consulting services. This includes site inspections, evaluations, and analysis of any contamination that is found at the site.

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