Emergency Response

Highway Accident/Emergency Response Cleanup: Northridge Group has handled just about every type of highway accident/emergency response cleanup. Our team of environmental response specialists are trained to handle accident cleanups from the most basic to complex.
emergency response

Spill Response: Regardless of the type of spill, Northridge Group has you covered. Since the company was started more than 16 years ago, we have managed the cleanup of minor and major spills throughout our service area.

Product/Cargo Recovery: In the event of a highway accident involving spilled product/cargo, Northridge Group can assist with efforts to recover and salvage your product/cargo using skid steers, forklifts, and cranes.

Geo-Probing: For land owners and developers, Northridge Group uses hydraulically powered machines for taking geo-probe soil samples. The machines used for this process use static and dynamic percussion force to retrieve soil samples, groundwater samples, and soil gas/vapor samples. Our soil sampling techniques are safe, fast, and reliable.

Vacuum Service: Northridge Group has a number of industrial-strength vacuums available to deploy as part of the cleanup response. Our vacuums are designed to withstand wet/dry and hazardous substances.

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