Soil Remediation

Soil/Environmental Remediation: Soil remediation, or environmental remediation, is the collective term for various processes that are used to purify and revitalize soil. At Northridge Group, we follow stringent guidelines that have been established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), along with additional regulations developed by individual state and local agencies. Excavation and dredging are the two most common methods for cleaning the soil, which involve extracting soil that is contaminated and deemed to be unrecoverable using current technology, then transporting it to a certified landfill, recycling facility, and/or incinerator set aside for this purpose. Often, certified clean-fill is used to restore the area to pre-incident specifications.
soil remediation
Soil Analysis/Documentation: The integrity of soil analysis and documentation is critical. Northridge Group has extensive experience in this field and partners only with reputable agencies to deliver the most accurate soil analysis. You can place your trust in Northridge Group for professional and thorough test results every time. Reports (documentation) can be compiled to meet numerous environmental standards such as Statewide Health Standards, Site Specific Standards, Background Standards, and Industrial Area Standards.

Ground/Water Treatment Services: Northridge can analyze, treat, and/or remove contaminated surface and ground water. This approach involves the removal of contaminated ground water, then using various methods to purify the extracted liquid. The goals are to safely remove any environmental threat and to effectively restore the ecological balance of the area. We have also handled numerous cleanup projects involving marine and flood situations.

Disposal Services: While other companies claim to provide comprehensive emergency environmental services, Northridge Group is a truly one-stop shop, including professional disposal services. We deploy our own fleet of disposal vehicles to save you time, money, and the need to have coordinated trucking disposal services.

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